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Siawns Teg means Fair Chance

We support people who are, or believe they are, excluded from their local community. We work with statutory, public, voluntary and private organisations to improve opportunities for people to connect with them.

We support young people who prefer to learn in different ways in order to help them to become more involved in their community, or to access workplace opportunities.

Training for Life Shapers

What are life shapers and why would you want to be one?

Life shapers are educators or trainers who consider the individual trainee at the training table above statistics and targets.

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August News Letter

All the latest news from Care Experience Europe and the Set4Work Project

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Leonardo UK Set4Work Blog

The Leonardo Transfer of Innovation (TOI) team shares their experience of going on a monitoring visit to  the SET4Work project managed by Siawns Teg

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Tony’s Focus Point: 16.4.14

What a busy period.  Preparing for this years round of EU funded projects certainly requireas patience and good planning.  Wish I had those skills.

There are still places for Training organisations to put up a table, but we need to know by 28th April.  There are also places in the audience for anyone interested in the SET4Work project and how it is a workable and effective way to get people into long term work.  Agasin let us know if you want to come by emailing lindsey@set4work.eu or phoning us on 01686 629999

FUNDING APPLICATIONS IN EUROPE: We are looking at partnerships with over 18 new EU partners from 11 different EU countries.  Some applications have already been submitted, and deadlines for others go from imminent to the end of the summer.  The range of our projects are very wide.  We have expertise in coordinating and managing EU funded projects, and are always seeking local partners to join us with their specific experience and knowledge.  This year we are concentrating on Family Values.  How are they changing in the current climate?  What are the expectations of our youth?  How are social and economic factors affecting people with compounding issues around homelessness, poverty, single-parenting, and opportunities for employment?  If you or an organisation you know is interested in these topics please contact us.

On May 1st 2014, the members of Siawns Teg along with students from NPTC Newtown made the long journey to Cardiff Bay to host the dissemination meeting for our SET4Work project. The catered event was a resounding success and enjoyed by all who attended. More information on this event can be found at

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