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Siawns Teg means Fair Chance

We support people who are, or believe they are, excluded from their local community. We work with statutory, public, voluntary and private organisations to improve opportunities for people to connect with them.

We support young people who prefer to learn in different ways in order to help them to become more involved in their community, or to access workplace opportunities.

Training for Life Shapers

What are life shapers and why would you want to be one?

Life shapers are educators or trainers who consider the individual trainee at the training table above statistics and targets.

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August News Letter

All the latest news from Care Experience Europe and the Set4Work Project

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Leonardo UK Set4Work Blog

The Leonardo Transfer of Innovation (TOI) team shares their experience of going on a monitoring visit to  the SET4Work project managed by Siawns Teg

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Tony’s Focus Point 11.2.2014

Planning for the event on 7th June is heating up.  More service providers are interested in a FREE stall at the “Stands:  And Deliver” showcase in Newtown for any organisation, group or public body that provides a service to the community.  The hardest part for us as the organisaer is getting the event known to the wide range of support groups and service providers out there.  If you can share the details out to your networks it would give more organisations and groups an opportunity not to be missed.  Contact us for a flyer at welcome@siawnsteg.co.uk

I’m hard at work writing projects relevant to EU funding, and looking for local partners (all Wales) to help strengthen the proposals.  We need groups who have direct contact with people affected by the issues noted in the projects below.  Involvement of beneficiaries is an important factor, and funds are available to cover most costs for individuals and groups.  If any of the following catch your imagination email me before 10th March at tony@siawnsteg.co.uk

- Lone parenting:  This project will look at the effects of being a lone parent, or being raised in such an environment.  The recognised issues around child care, unemployment, poverty and juggling daily tasks are important, yet we need to dig deeper, looking at causes and solutions, story telling, and impact on the family and society.  We are partnering with 6 EU partners on this one.

- ICT at work:  We want to look specifically at access to distance learning.  Who finds it easy/difficult and why.  Can access be simplified and made more interesting for people who learn in different ways, or may have a disability that needs more consideration?  We are working with Wolverhampton University and 4 EU partners on this.

- Hate crime:  Statistics show that hate crime in Powys is limited.  Is this because not much is reported, or is rural life less challenging than life in the city.  Anyway, if hate crime is not a major issue, does that mean we should ignore it and the consequences.  How do victims of hate crime secure their identity?  Should instigators take an active role in the solutions?  The situation in Denmark is very different  because Hate related crime is seen as a society influenced issue and not a crime by individuals.  Which is best, and how can we share good practice??

- Children in Crisis:  When the main income earner leaves the family a number of crises may occur.  Stress, poverty, crime, stigma, debt and many more.  What is the effect on children when a parent leaves (prison, death, relationship breakdown, work away from home)?  What is the impact on school, family and social life?  This will be an Action Research project, working with groups to share good practice and solutions with 5 EU partners.

All the EU projects are fully funded to cover activities.  Where beneficiaries are on state support they will not suffer financially, but will benefit in many ways.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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