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Siawns Teg means Fair Chance

We support people who are, or believe they are, excluded from their local community. We work with statutory, public, voluntary and private organisations to improve opportunities for people to connect with them.

We support young people who prefer to learn in different ways in order to help them to become more involved in their community, or to access workplace opportunities.

Training for Life Shapers

What are life shapers and why would you want to be one?

Life shapers are educators or trainers who consider the individual trainee at the training table above statistics and targets.

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August News Letter

All the latest news from Care Experience Europe and the Set4Work Project

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Leonardo UK Set4Work Blog

The Leonardo Transfer of Innovation (TOI) team shares their experience of going on a monitoring visit to  the SET4Work project managed by Siawns Teg

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Tony’s Focus Point: 10.8.14

The various funding applications we submitted back in March are beginning to come in. Already we have received funding for a Youth Worker exchange programme that will fund Youth Workers to share good practice ideas and gain experience in other EU countries. We have also gained funding towards youth engagement, working in Europe Asia and Africa. This October sees us taking around 65 students from NPTC Group (Child Care, Health & Social Care, and Catering) to Valencia in Spain and Potenza in Italy.

Our network of European and worldwide partners is getting bigger, and our agenda of projects around inclusion, engagement and learning are becoming more diverse. We are now turning down requests from non-UK partners to work with them because we need to focus on current activities.

The challenge for Siawns Teg is to become recognised in rural Wales. One reason for seeking EU funding back in 2004 was because funding is hard to attract in Powys. The numbers of beneficiaries do not stack up well against urban areas, even though the issues are often the same for our target groups. We have found that using EU funding gives us a chance to successfully support community members here in Powys, whilst focusing on a wider employability agenda.

In May we held a Dissemination Conference in Cardiff for our project SET4Work (Social Enterprise Training for Work). We are leading this 2 year project, which includes 4 European educational and community organisations, developing a valuable process for supporting those people furthest away from work. It has been a great success in the countries where it has been introduced, and includes current initiatives around employability and learning that are working. See www.set4work.eu

We have published our Training Programme for the next 6 months. All the courses focus on the individual needs of each participant equally to the course content. The courses are competitively priced with well considered prices for people on low income. Really worth a visit to the Training Page

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