Seeking Local Partners


Siawns Teg has a ten year record of working on national and European projects relating to inclusion, engagement, community development, informal and non-formal learning skills, formal employability training, social enterprise and business start-up, and educational processes.


We have a successful record and are acclaimed as good European project managers and partners, and now we aim to bring that experience to Powys.


We are continuously looking for EU projects that fit our agenda, and often these projects require local partners to help draw out knowledge and provide practical project support.  The following projects are being written, or about to start, and if you as an individual or organisation/company can get actively involved, please contact .


Flowers: This is a 30 month project funded by the EU Justice and Equality Fund.  We are looking specifically at developing awareness and interventions around sexual violence and harassment in women aged 14 to 18.  There are 7 EU partners, all with different cultural understanding and assumptions of female roles in society, and the expectations of media and male peers.  What is happening in Powys?  Do we have systems and networks in place to support young women?  Can we do more?  How do young women and young men in schools view themselves and their views of young women?  If you are involved in education, support services or as someone who has experienced sexual violence or harassment please get in touch.


Inspires: This project is already up and running, but we are seeking information from experts in Employment and Welfare.  You can view the Inspires project at  We need professionals in the field of Employment and Welfare to initially complete 3 short questionnaires, but may also be happy to join an EU panel of experts.


Newtown Open Hub: You will see this mentioned elsewhere on our website, but we want to make the Hub used and relevant to the wishes of the Newtown Community.  So we are seeking ideas and helpers to make that happen.  A key message we want to promote is simply that we are there.  We already have some ideas of what we want to do, but we need more. 


Can you help with this one?  We want to recognise the contribution 4 people have given to the Newtown community at an event in late summer 2016.  The categories are:

1. A Carer.  Someone who has specifically done something to improve the life of someone else.

2. A Community Volunteer.  Someone who has given their unpaid time so that Newtown can benefit.

3. A Teacher.  One that has gone the extra mile to help that final school year be a good transition into the wider world.

4. A pupil.  Not necessarily an academic achiever, but someone who has made a social mark.

Can you help us coordinate this initiative?