Third Sector Partnership Council
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The Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC) is a key mechanism for the third sector to talk to, and hear from, Welsh Government.


The TPSC is chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children. It is made up of representatives of third sector networks working across 25 areas of third sector activity along with the CEO of WCVA.


The main purpose of the Third Sector Partnership Council is to make sure that the principles set out in the Third Sector Scheme are put into practice:

Third Sector Scheme

It also provides an opportunity for the sector to raise issues of interest or concern. It generally does not discuss issues that relate to only one area of interest which can be taken up through biannual ministerial meetings and as a national body it is concerned with issues affecting all of Wales.

Ministerial Meetings

To find out more about the TSPC go to:

Third Sector Partnership Council

The role of Siawns Teg


Siawns Teg is currently the representative organisation on the TSPC for the Employment sector.  Clair Brick is the nominated main representative.


What the network does

The TSPC employment network has 2 key functions:

1. To promote and support the role the 3rd sector plays in addressing employment issues in Wales; and
2. To represent the views and concerns of 3rd sector employers


The network consists of over 100 organisations. Guided by our manifesto the network engages with the Welsh Government through consultation responses and TSPC meetings.


How to join the network

This is a virtual network open to any organisation with an interest in employment.  To ensure that the third sector has a voice the network needs representatives from all quarters.  If employment sits anywhere in your workplace you can support and benefit from joining.



Current priorities

The priorities for the network for the coming period are set out in our manifesto and cover 5 key areas:


1. Tackling in-work poverty
2. Addressing barriers to the workplace
3. Employment support
4. Improving community engagement and partnership working
5. Developing closer links between Employment and Education/learning through identification of employer recruitment needs


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Links to Topics of Interest

Evaluation of regional

 collaborative working

The evaluation assesses the implementation and outcomes of regional collaborative working, primarily projects funded through the Regional Collaboration Fund.

Release date: 10 November 2016

Welsh Government evaluation report on Workforce Development Programme.  For evidence, stats and information.

WDP Report

WCVA Criminal Records Unit is closing on 30 September. 

WCVA has collated a Trusted Supplier List to recommend to third sector organisations in Wales. The List identifies those DBS Umbrella Registered Bodies that can access checks on your behalf; they have been carefully selected to match as closely as possible the service provided under WCVA Criminal Records Unit. Please visit the WCVA website  to learn more.

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DVSC has two new full time posts to recruit for following a reorganisation of our core activities. We're looking for motivated individuals who are passionate about the third sector in Denbighshire and North Wales, passionate about increasing our profile, and impact and passionate about making a difference.  Check out the details on our website.

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CSJ Awards 2017 Extend Deadline to 11 November

CSJ Awards

The annual Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) Awards reward grassroots charities and voluntary organisations from local communities across the UK that have developed effective and innovative ways of addressing a variety of entrenched social issues. These charities often work with some of the hardest to reach people in the country.

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